Announcing RDPW Tutoring Program

Have you ever signed up for a class only to learn that you didn’t know as much as everyone else, or you knew more than anyone else, or—even worse—you didn’t know as much as you thought you knew?

Welcome to the RDPW Tutoring Program, where we meet you where you are in your photographic journey. You need more knowledge about Adobe Lightroom? Print processing? Camera functions? Cell phone applications? We have a tutor for you.

Not everyone wants or needs a class on any topic or on some topics. We have discovered that many simply want or need a focused session or more on their specific needs and wants.

To make this possible, the workshop has assembled a group of qualified individuals whose skill set has been approved by Richard Dischler.

$130 per hour for RDPW members
$150 per hour for non-members
*All fees paid to Richard Dischler

Location: RDPW (aka “Da Digs”)
220 S. California Avenue, Suite 115A/B
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Scheduling: All schedules arranged between participants

See the list of tutors.

Happy tutoring!

Bill is Back!

His kids and grandkids would like him to find something else to do.

He has read all the books he ever thought he could ever finish reading.

His siblings live in snow country.

There is only so much red wine one can drink.

So, Bill Graham is retiring from retirement and rejoining the workshop community of which he was such an integral part back in the old KSP days.

Bill possesses deep working knowledge of Adobe Lightroom, print processing, and all those seemingly insignificant but vital procedures that combine to create an exceptional, stand-out image—whether color or black-and-white.

We enthusiastically welcome his return and look forward to capitalizing on his knowledge and experience to bring all our final prints to the highest level of excellence possible.

Because isn’t the final print what photography is all about?