Jay Bergman at Sanchez Art Center

Congratulations to Jay Bergman on his acceptance to Sanchez Art Center‘s Left Coast Annual Exhibition.

To see Jay’s work, click here.

CfPA featured member

Congratulations to RDPW member David Craven for being featured as a CfPA photographer member.

The Workshop Community in our time

I hope that this message finds you healthy and safe.  Our collective sheltered-in-place situation is troubling, but it seems to be a necessary step in the current state of the world.  However, it certainly interferes with getting out and shooting.

Keep Shooting

Many of us find that photography is an important part of our lives. Although we are more restricted at the moment, we need not stop finding, capturing, and rendering images. So…

We’ve all heard if you can see your feet, you can see a photo.  Well, we are all seeing our feet a lot these days — it’s time to put that saying into action.  Find things in & around your home — interesting light, pets, plants, spring in the backyard, etc.  There’s a lot that can be done there.  Also, on your safe, neighborhood walks, take a camera.  The light & subject matter aren’t affected by Covid-19, so take advantage of it.   Explore things your haven’t explored for a while — there is a great deal there.  It’s not as exciting as, say, a trip to Yosemite (or even California Ave), but the images can be just as good. Ansel’s images of Half Dome can be captured only there, but Dogwood Blossoms could be found anywhere.

Try setting a challenge for yourself.  Use a lens that you don’t normally use. Try settings that you don’t do.  Try to capture pets, kids, bugs, whatever, in motion. (One of the workshop members has a new puppy, so they are learning about quickly changing preset back & forth from motion capture, eye focus, etc.)

Take some time to review your portfolio and catalog.  Take a new look at older image;  you’ve learned more about developing your images, so see if there are things you can see now that you could bring out.

On a similar note, try some new things.  This is a good time to experiment.  Try new areas of Lightroom or other tools to see what you can learn and use. Virtual copies (in Lightroom) make this completely harmless — you’re not going to ruin any image.  Extend your areas of comfort in Lightroom, Photoshop, or some of the mobile products.