Announcing Our New Location

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the open house for the Men’s Exhibit on the 16th. As we announced at that event, the Richard Dischler Photography Workshop is going strong, and, starting next month, our new home will be the Pacific Art League (PAL) at 668 Ramona Street, Palo Alto.

Starting in November, 2016, all of our Pre-visualation Workshop sessions, the Six Month, One Year, and Plus sessions will continue at PAL, and we’ll provide the schedule as soon as we can.

We are also excited to announce that starting in January we will begin offering our classes again. We are planning to expand our schedule beyond just weekends, and we’ll now have opportunities to hold more classes than ever before. The schedule and registration will be available on the PAL’s website as soon as their new catalog is released, and we’ll send another update once that is available.

Quite coincidentally, Pacific Art League’s exhibition in November is of Photography, and a few of our members’s work has been accepted in the show. The reception will be held on Friday, November 4, from 5:30-8PM. This event is open to everyone so this will be a great opportunity to explore our new home, and, as we always do, support our members and friends in a new exhibition.

Thank you for your continued support of the Workshop, and we look forward to seeing you soon. If you have any questions,  please reach out to Richard at

Call For Artists – A New View A Photography Exhibition

This November Pacific Art League will be presenting a collection of works dedicated solely to the exploration of photographic arts. Welcoming photographers of all levels, we want to see how you create alluring images reflecting the fragments of life. Whether it be abstract or representational, nature or urban, timeworn or new, personal or ordinary. The gallery invites all photographic processes in color or BW.

Open to all media. Limits on video and installation-contact below

November 4th-23rd, 2016

Submit your artwork electronically at:

Members: $40 for first entry, $10 for each additional entry.
Non-members: $50 for first entry, $10 for each additional entry.

Thursday, October 20th, 2016 by email.
Award winners are announced at the Friday, November 4th opening reception.

First Friday, November 4th, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Thursday, October 13th, 2016


  • All work must be original and not previously exhibited at Pacific Art League.
  • All 2D work must be ready to hang on a wire.All 2D work must be framed or on gallery-wrapped canvas with finished edges.
  • Size of work limited to 40” wide by 50” tall, including frame. (contact below for inquiry)
  • All work must be for sale. Members receive 70% of sale price. Non-members receive 60% of sale price.
  • All work must be labeled on the front and back with title and artist’s name.

1st: $250
2nd: $125
3rd: $75
3 Honorable Mentions

Kelsey Issel, Art Director of The Midway Creative Complex in San Francisco, California.

Friday & Saturday, October 28th & 29th, 10AM – 4PM.
All work must be hand-delivered to PAL. No shipped work will be accepted.

Friday & Saturday, November 26th ONLY, 10AM – 4PM.

Kelsey Issel is an artist and curator living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Issel first sunk her teeth into the greater art scene, producing one of the first independent and affordable art fairs, based out of Brooklyn, called Fountain Art Fair. Living in the Bay Area, Issel worked for a private collection manager for many years until meeting Jeff Whitmore, founder of The Midway Project. Together, in 2014, they founded and directed, Artbeats, a 3-day art happening at SF’s historic Pier 70 building, honoring the roots of Fountain as an accessible art fair for the public to engage with independent artists and galleries alike. In 2015, Kelsey took on the role as Art Director at The Midway Creative Complex to develop their two gallery spaces and artist in residency program with a focus on interdisciplinary art.

Men Only Exhibit – Open House Sunday, October 16, 1-4pm

This exhibit is currently on display at Keeble & Shuchat Photography, 290 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306.  The exhibit will be open until October 28.

This exhibit will be the last exhibit at Keeble & Shuchat Photography.  This is an honor the workshop appreciates and we wish to thank Terry Shuchat for allowing us to be the official send-off to our home for the past 7+ years as well as the place where many of us spent numerous hours, learned about photography and camera equipment and made many photography-related purchases.


As an artist, you tend to view the world through a lens that reflects your inner self, regardless of the media you choose. Maybe you paint, and you like colors. Maybe you draw and like the monochromatic expression of pencil or charcoal. Sculpt? Write? Oh, your mode of creativity is photography? Whatever your media, your creative vision will mirror your inner self. It is inescapable. We cannot create what is not in our heart.

My figures underwent the same simplification as my colors. Simplified as they are, they are more human and more alive than they would be if represented in all their detail. Represented in detail, they would lose their imaginary quality, which enhances everything.

Joan Miro, Philosophers have written tomes on the source of creativity or the meaning of art. Where does it come from? Why does it matter? How is it defined?

But we artists/photographers don’t care. We are simply compelled to create. It is a drive, a need. It is food for the soul.

We artists live to create, and we create so we can live. And we live not just to exist, but to be alive.

Having our first series on Women Only just recently begs the question: do men and women see the world differently? We will let you be the judge.

Please enjoy these images that were created by the male members of the RDPWS. Embrace and be embraced. Be alive.

Richard Dischler

Harmony 2016 – Where We Live – Open House and Reception, Saturday, September 17, 2:30 – 5pm

There will be an open house and reception on Saturday, September 17 , 2016 from 2:30-5 pm at the Peking Duck Restaurant, 151 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306

An exhibit of fine art photography by photographers participating in Richard Dischler’s Pre-Visualization Workshop.  The works of local photographers George Herman and Daniel McLean are featured on display.

We are, some would say, blessed to live in California, but what does that mean? Is it the coast, the cities, the various activities we can do?

Here is the work of two award winning photographers, members of the RDPWS:
George Herman and Dan McLean: California Required

We are, some would say, blessed to live in California, but what does that mean? Is it the coast the cities, the various activities we can do?

The exhibit features images from down the “street” and from the mountain areas of California.  This is where we live.

We trust you enjoy these images.

George Herman,

Dan McLean,

Women Only Exhibit – Open House Sunday, Sept 18, 1-4pm

This exhibit is currently on display at Keeble & Shuchat Photography, 290 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306.  The exhibit will be open until September 28.

Women Only Please

Not that long ago, the signs on a restroom would read, “Ladies Only.”  The women’s movement came along, and it changed to “Women Only.”  Now, it has become “Gender Neutral.”

Do women really look at the world through a different lens?  Are they limited in their vision?  Is it all pink colors and pretty flowers and cute pets?  Decidedly NOT.

Ask Georgia O’Keefe, a master artist of world renowned, who said, “Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant.  It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.”

A clear photographic voice comes from the heart.  We invite you to look closely at and engage with these images from the hearts of the women members of the RDPW.

Some have said these images sing.  Open up and listen.

These voices are clear and significant.

We hope you engage.


Photographing the Human Form – July 16, 2016 10am – 4pm

Learn how to photograph the human body in a natural way using clothed models.

This workshop will teach you through live demonstration how to pose and photograph the human body with focus on creation of fine art portraits. Students will learn basic lighting techniques which can be used to accentuate the lines and form of the human body, as well as how to interact and instruct models to get the results you are looking to achieve.

You will have the opportunity to photograph these models, and a model release will be provided so you can use these images for your portfolio. Images will be reviewed/lightly critiqued during the class.

Class size is limited to 14 students.

Bring with you:

  1. Camera & Lens appropriate for portraits
  2. Laptop with whatever imaging software you use.  Our preference is Adobe Lightroom
  3. Dress comfortably
  4. A sense of humor. It goes a long way

Fee: $269.99 ($199.99 RDPW Members)

July 16, 2016
Class meets 10am – 4pm (with break)

Sign Up Now!
Register at or call 650-327-8996
Class fees must be paid at time of registration
Course SKU: 21563

Wild or Not – You be the Judge – Open House, Sunday July 10, 1pm – 4pm

Wild or Not Rev June 10 2016-1 KB V2.jpg

We homo sapiens are at the top of the food chain in the animal kingdom. In this role, we are often compelled and inspired to capture what we see with a highly sophisticated mechanical device that records for future posterity what our eyes have seen and moves our hearts.

Therefore, members of the Richard Dischler Photo Workshops were invited to submit up five images of those creatures lower on the food chain, also known as animals—wild or not. These creatures include those found in their natural habitat (think jungle), or in captivity (think zoo), or in nature (think yards, gardens, and such), or in your home or someone else’s (think pet). Whether it walks on four legs, flies, swims, or just lounges around on sofas or cages, you are invited to view what delights our interest.

Enjoy our view of the wild and not-so-wild members of our planet.

These images will be on exhibit from June 14 through August 1, 2016. Interested buyers can contact the photographer directly.

For information on joining the Richard Dischler Photo Workshop, please contact Keeble & Shuchat Photography, 650-327-8996.

Reception at the Triton Museum – Friday, April 22, 6 – 8pm

The Richard Dischler Photography Workshops is pleased to announce it is continuing its tradition of award winning photography as five (5) members of the workshop classes had entries accepted in the Triton Museum of Art’s Statewide Photo competition, the 2016 Salon at Triton exhibit.  Over 1,450 entries were received and 124 works by 114 artists were selected for the exhibit.   The exhibit reception and announcement of the winners takes place on Friday, April 22, from 6 until 8pm.

Currently in its eighth year at Keeble & Shuchat Photography in Palo Alto, the Richard Dischler Photography Workshops, has seen several of its members selected to the Triton competitions over the years, starting with the very first year of the competitions.    One of the premier venues in the Bay Area for over 50 years, the Triton Museum serves as a venue where local artists exhibit their work alongside regional and national artists.

The Triton Museum of Art is located at 1505 Warburton Ave in Santa Clara.  Please visit the Triton’s webpage for more information:

2015 Award Winners Exhibit


Owning a pen doesn’t make one a writer anymore than owning a camera makes one a photographer. It takes more than the instrument to make the artist. It takes innate talent, discipline, desire, and vision.

Like a writer with his first draft, the writing needs editing, refining, shape, and vision. The same could be said for photography. Raw talent often needs to be inspired, shaped, encouraged, and enhanced. The role of this workshop is to help each participant discover and further develop his or her own photographic vision, with an emphasis on the art of seeing.

Photography is about capturing the image — not necessarily about the competition. Nonetheless, members of the Richard Dischler Photo Workshops have proven themselves once again to be award- winners. The accomplishments of the photographers in the workshop over the past seven years have been astounding. Time and time again, workshop members are not only well represented in competitions and juried shows, but in many cases overwhelm. There is a workshop standard of excellence. This standard is easily noted in the member’s printed images.

For a list of award members, please contact the workshop through the workshop’s website:


Enjoy the exhibit!

Rhythm 2016 Exhibit

Owning a pen doesn’t make one a writer anymore than owning a camera makes one a photographer.  It takes more than the instrument to make the artist.  It takes innate talent, discipline, desire, and vision.

Rhythm 2016 celebrates the vision of the most recent six month graduate members of the successful  Richard Dischler Photo Workshop.

March 12th from 1 until 4 please join the celebration and view the graduation members extended folios.

The exhibit will be up until April 10th 2016.