The Richard Dischler Photo Workshops presents a class to help Adobe Lightroom users perfect and sharpen their skills with this powerful library and processing tool. The class is taught in one day and is broken up into two sessions focusing on specific aspects of Lightroom. The class will be taught using Lightroom version 5, however the bulk of the material will be applicable to all previous versions of Lightroom.

The class is structured in a lecture format with periodic opportunities to practice what you learn. You are encouraged to bring a computer with Lightroom loaded. However, if you just want to observe and take in the lecture, bringing a computer is not a requirement and there is ample opportunity to learn from the lecture. Choose the learning style that works for you.

The morning will focus on organization and the Library Module in Lightroom.

While Lightroom is a powerful processing tool, its real power is in cataloging and organizing your images. This session is designed to help you gain control over where your images are stored. From first using Lightroom to the process of importing new images, this session will help you understand how you can put your images where you want them and easily access those images. We will show you folder organization, importing with customized settings, finding images that appear lost to Lightroom, understanding the power of flags, ratings and labels, tapping the power of collections, and much more that will put you in control of the Lightroom catalog.

The afternoon will focus on processing tools and the Develop Module in Lightroom.

Lightroom is your new digital darkroom. It allows you to process and print your images in the digital world. With it you can dodge and burn, adjust contrast, bring up shadows and tone down highlight, enhance the mid-tones, and many other tricks that were used by the masters of photography in the wet darkroom. This session is designed to teach you some of the tricks in Lightroom that will make your images stand out, give your images an edge, and bring depth and clarity to your images. While the bulk of the afternoon is spent on global and local adjustments, printing will be briefly touched upon. A full printing class will be offered in the future.

Come join us and start on your way to mastering Adobe Lightroom with our certified experts!

Fee: $129.99 for non RDPW members
$99.99 for RDPW members