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Image Processed in LR

Class runs 3 hours, weekends or weeknights


  • bring a laptop
  • bring a set of images to work on a memory card, a card reader, or a USB drive
  • familiarity with Mac OS or PC
  • Lightroom installed and running (will be teaching on LR Classic)
  • overall familiarity with photography desired but not required


The Richard Dischler Photo Workshops presents Lightroom Classic Essentials.

The goal of this 3-hour class is to understand the fundamentals of Lightroom Classic and learn the essential workflows for being productive in Lightroom. Get familiar with Lightroom’s modules, features and options to power your workflow end-to-end.

The class is structured in a lecture format with periodic opportunities to practice what you learn. You are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop with Lightroom installed to maximize your outcome. However, it is not a strict requirement.

We will focus on organization and the Library Module in Lightroom Classic.

While Lightroom is a powerful processing tool, its real power is in cataloging and organizing your images. This session will cover all primary aspects of working your images such as importing, viewing, enhancing and sharing.

Participants will come away with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Lightroom and be better prepared to delve more into this program. A pathway to additional understanding of Lightroom will be achieved.

Come join us and start on your way to mastering Adobe Lightroom with our certified experts!

Pricing: $130 RDPW members / $150 non-members