From processing to proofing to creating a final print, our In Depth Lightroom Tutorials can help you get the best from your printer. A Lightroom Adobe Certified
Expert will guide you through the essential tasks necessary to produce a high quality print.
These tutorials will help you:

  • Understand what printer to use, proper inks and papers
  • How to prepare an image for printing
  • The importance of proofs and setting up proofing
  • Setting up to output a final, exhibition quality print

If you are interested in a printing tutorial, sign up for our In Depth Lightroom Tutorials and indicate that you are interested in printing.
These tutorials are one on one and conducted at your convenience. See our In Depth Lightroom Tutorials for more information and pricing.

Photo Credit: Richard Dischler

Photo Credits: Bill Graham (top), Rusty Sterling (middle), Richard Dischler (bottom)