Now that you have the knowledge of Basic Camera 1 & Basic Camera 2, and you are capturing stronger images, we will complete the process by learning the basics of post-production (editing and printing).

We will start by photographing a few images near the classroom to refresh the concepts of Basic Camera 1 & 2. We will also do a review of previously photographed images you may bring on an SD card. At least one of these will be selected for the editing part of the class. The class mixes instruction with immediate use of the newly learned photographic concepts using your own camera and Adobe Lightroom on the instructors’ computers.

In the Basic Camera 3 class, you will learn about:

  • Selecting a color gamut and the relationship of printed and monitor displayed pictures
  • The concepts of color calibration
  • A simple workflow for editing your images
    • We will edit one or more of your images and explore the possibilities
  • Considerations for printing or displaying your picture
  • Printing your own picture or using a photographic lab
  • Additional courses to advance your skills:

About the Class:

  • 3 hours of interactive instruction
    • RDPW instructors: Dan McLean, Karen Friedmann, & Alan Hart
  • Instructional materials included
  • Bring your camera – you will be using it!
  • Class size is limited.

Consider adding the RDPW Photography Walkabout:

  • A structured 3-hour camera shooting session with image editing and constructive critique

Pricing: $130 RDPW members / $150 non-members