Building upon your learning in Basic Camera 1, we start to use the camera’s controls more creatively to capture the images in ways that will result in your desired picture.

We will begin to pre-visualize the picture in your mind and adjust the camera to capture it while understanding the possibilities and limitations of photographic equipment. The class mixes instruction with immediate use of newly learned photographic concepts using your own camera.

In the Basic Camera 2 class, you will learn about:

  • More details about photographing in a variety of light
  • Selecting lenses and focal lengths to use
  • Adjusting the camera to emphasize and isolate the subject
  • Advanced camera controls and when to use them
  • RAW capture vs. various types of JPEG
  • Dynamic range and the use of filters
  • Putting it all together to capture virtually any image
  • Additional equipment to consider.
  • Additional courses to advance your skills:

About the Class:

  • 3 hours of interactive instruction
    • RDPW instructors: Dan McLean, Karen Friedmann, & Alan Hart
  • Instructional materials included
  • Bring your camera – you will be using it!
  • Class size is limited.

Consider adding the RDPW Photography Walkabout

  • A structured 3-hour camera shooting session with image editing and constructive critique

Pricing: $130 RDPW members / $150 non-members