It’s not the camera that makes good photograph, it’s the photographer. Ansel Adams once said “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs”. Good photographs come from pre visualization. Henri Cartier-Bresson said, “In photography visual organization can stem only from a developed instinct. Photography is an immediate reaction.” With the invention of mobile devices that can also be used as a camera, the ability to create good photographs from immediate instinct and reaction is limitless.

Mobile device photography from the Richard Dischler Photo Workshops can show you how to create photographs using your mobile device and go beyond the selfie.

The goal of this 3-hour class is to get a better understanding of mobile device photography, start taking better photos, basic editing, and get your images out of your mobile device. The class is structured in a lecture format with periodic opportunities to practice what you learn.

Bring your mobile device of choice. You are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop with Adobe Lightroom installed to maximize the experience; however, it’s not required.

Participants will have a very comfortable understanding of how to not just capture an image on a mobile device but will achieve a better knowledge of how to manage and print their images. This is again a fun and practical class.

Pricing: $130 RDPW members / $150 non-members