Learn to take better pictures with any camera: DSLR, mirrorless, point & shoot, or cell phone. Break away from your camera’s Automatic mode to enable your own photographic creativity.
The RDPW Basic Camera Classes will lead you through understanding the capabilities of any digital camera and how to use them to capture and create the pictures of your vision. The class mixes instruction with immediate use of the newly learned photographic concepts using your own camera.

In the Basic Camera 1 class you will learn about:

  • How a digital camera works – light, lenses, and electronics
  • Adjusting exposure controls and their effects
  • Focus modes and metering available on your camera
  • Basics of Image Composition
  • A survey of post-processing Editing Tools
  • An overview of printers, papers and profilers
  • Additional courses to advance your skills:

About the Class:

  • 3 hours of interactive instruction
    • RDPW instructors: Dan McLean & Alan Hart
  • Instructional materials included
  • Bring your camera (& manual if you have it) – you will be using them!
  • Class size is limited.

Pricing: $130 RDPW members / $150 non-members