“There’s no reason to use most of the pictures they take today ­- that glamour is gone. There is no more fashion, no more glamour.” ­ Robert Coburn

This workshop provides hands-on experience conducting a professional portrait shoot with a unique, specialized style of lighting and the necessary preparatory steps. All participants will be assigned tasks and will execute all aspects of the portrait shoot. Each participant will shoot the models one at a time, with the other participants fulfilling the roles of grip, gaffer, and assistants. The shots executed during the shoot are designed to act as foundation images for this style of lighting.

To prepare for this workshop, the suggested reading material is Hollywood Glamour Portraits: 145 Photos of Stars 1926 ­- 1949, edited by John Kobal (ISBN-13: 978-0486233529) which represents the 1972 exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

The morning session begins with a review of Hollywood Glamour Portraits, with participants selecting three styles of lighting they would like to shoot. Afterward, participants will prepare a storyboard for the shoot, review and identify equipment and resources, and, lastly, review wardrobe options.

Break for Lunch. Lunch will be hosted at a nearby restaurant.

In the afternoon session, participants will direct the storyboard and shoot. This involves set creation and lighting setup where participants will learn to create and set up all aspects of the set and lighting equipment.

At the end, there will be a review of the images taken.

Items to bring to this workshop:

  1. Camera & lens (required):
    Full-Frame sensor: 50mm/85mm;
    APS-C or Crop sensor: 35mm/50mm
  2. Suggested reading material (optional)
  3. Laptop ­- for image review
  4. A sense of humor (required)

Fee: $269.99 for non RDP Workshop members
for RDP Workshop members


Photo Credit: Richard Dischler

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