This is a group who has been invited by Richard to teach classes and to provide tutorials to the members and of course to the public.

These are members who will act as leaders in the Workshop immersions.  These members are expected to be able to meet with Richard both in Member meetings with other Master members and with Richard for individual conversations.

These members are expected to share freely with other Master/Core members various levels of expertise.  

The members wanting to know more about this are encouraged to see Richard for a private discussion on the topic.

General Gatherings

Throughout the year Richard will make himself available to the members at public sites for informal conversation and member interactions.  Image reviews will not be the focus at these meetings rather a general conversation and interaction will be the venue.

RDPW Tutoring Program

Have you ever signed up for a class only to learn that you didn’t know as much as everyone else, or you knew more than anyone else, or—even worse—you didn’t know as much as you thought you knew?

Welcome to the RDPW Tutoring Program, where we meet you where you are in your photographic journey. You need more knowledge about Adobe Lightroom? Print processing? Camera functions? Cell phone applications? We have a tutor for you.

Not everyone wants or needs a class on any topic or on some topics. We have discovered that many simply want or need a focused session or more on their specific needs and wants.

To make this possible, the workshop has assembled a group of qualified individuals whose skill set has been approved by Richard Dischler.

Rates*: $130 per hour for RDPW members / $150 per hour for non-members / *All fees paid to Richard Dischler

Location: RDPW (aka “Da Digs”), 220 S. California Avenue, Suite 115A/B, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Scheduling: All schedules arranged between participants

Mentor List: The RDPW has carefully chosen some of our most accomplished instructors as mentors. These photographers are also skilled teachers, having proven over many years of teaching workshops for us to be exceptional communicators, emphatic educators, and reliable people, and they have all received recognition as powerful photographers.  They all have developed and discovered their own photographic vision.  They will help you achieve yours.  Now, choose one to be your mentor (contact information in parentheses):

Shubhie Panicker

Bill Graham

Robert Read

Karen Friedmann

George Herman

Fred Carter (fred.carter at

Daniel Vaquero

Mike Palma

Alan Hart (alan.hart at

Dan McLean

Happy tutoring!