The streets are alive with sounds, action, and emotion. Loud and boisterous, quiet and subdued. Open your eyes. You will see shapes and colors and textures. Open your eyes. You will notice scenes of people eating and drinking in outside cafes, window shopping, transacting with street vendors, carrying bags of goodies, enjoying conversations, walking their dogs—big and small—and generally enjoying the immense diversity of this global melting pot. Open your eyes. See the lonely people waiting for something —or nothing. See children play raucously or by themselves. Open your eyes. See the more subtle and quiet lines etched into people’s faces, expressing sadness, delight, joy, loneliness, fear, despair.

In this workshop, you will be led by award-winning RDPW members into the art of becoming the inconspicuous observer. You will learn the art and discipline of blending into the environment so you can capture the fabric of the urban landscape. This is street photography.

Wear comfortable clothes, and bring a simple camera and a positive attitude. Be prepared to have some fun.

Join members of the Workshop as they embark on a journey of urban discovery.

Date and Location: TBD

Non-Workshop Members: $250

Workshop Members: $175

Class size is limited, so sign up early.