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    Tomás Garza

    New Printer Setup Issue Round Two
    Week of 1/12/20
    Dischler Dick:
    Tomas and Fred, Jay is having printing issues on the 3880 glossy printer in the Digs. Call him when you can. Thanks.
    Carter Fred:
    Talked to jay who was out of time. Suggested reboot, reboot printer that apparently Tomás had already suggested. Likely cause is cable went bad, but cannot tell w/o more info. Suggested two courses of action.
    1- When all connected look into about this Mac/system info/USB. It should show something there. If so, it’s a driver problem.
    Garza Tomas:
    I suggested installing a new driver…
    Carter Fred:
    2- If not, connection issue. Most likely cause is bad cable (or loose). Can try swapping cable. If that works, problem diagnosed. If not, could be printer or computer. Can try plugging dicks computer into printer. If it works, then problem is jay’s Mac. If not, the either printer itself or… unplug printer it’ll& let sit down overnight.
    If Dick’s computer works, then driver or whatever on Jay’s. Won’t hurt to reinstall anyway.
    Garza Tomas:
    Good idea to try DD’s laptop on the new printer!
    Carter Fred:
    He said he’d try more tomorrow.
    General diagnosis. Swap parts until something changes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I didn’t ask if other things had changed on jay’s computer (os upgrade, etc.). Those can sometimes affect things. I don’t recall if I had to rebuild things after Catalina upgrade. Maybe.
    Note: regardless of state of driver, itching that “about this Mac->system report->USB” will show the device connected if the printer & cable are ok. I just tried it to my P800 and could find it on my wife’s MB Air. She has no drivers to the P800 installed (that I know of).
    Dischler Dick:
    Jay was still not able to print when I left.

    On Saturday, January 18 we all got together to try and fix the problem. It was actually Fred that did the fixing.
    His fix was to go to About this Mac then System Report. From there on the left side at the bottom of Hardware you will see USB, click USB and it will take you to a page that shows what hardware is connected. From there you will go to System Preference then go to Printers & Scanners, on the left under printers you will see and be able to match the printer that was listed under USB. The printer is now online. Tomás

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