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    Fred Carter

    Task Details: Printing 25 “contact prints” (3×2 — 5 rows of 5 images, landscape) to (one page) A3+ (13×19) paper (HahneMuhle, glossy, if it matters) from Adobe Lightroom (most recent CC Classic version). Printing B&W prints, so Lightroom told to let printer manage color, and printer set for Advanced Black & White mode. 16-bit on.

    Last week — worked fine, as expected.

    Last night (with no software change): Lightroom churns for a while building print job. While this is going on, print queue shows job as “incoming” (normal). When Lightroom is nearing the end of its work (but not yet done), the print queue window appears to think it should start printing (shows job as printing 1 of 1 or whatever). When Lr finishes, job is instantly converted to “Aborted”. Looking at error log & console log, it has a “client error” indicating that no files were available.


    Problem has to do width the length of time it takes to produce the job.

    From the looks of things, Lr makes the connection to the printer at the time it starts to build the print job. On my MacBook Air, producing that print job took over 5 minutes. As it happens, 5 minutes (300 seconds) is the default timeout period. So, most of the way through the job, it timed the job out, cancelled it, and marked it aborted.

    Solution: Increase the timeout period to some number sufficiently large. Specifically, in the terminal, run

    sudo cupsctl Timeout=5400

    (sudo — as the admin) (cupsctl — program controlling the printing system) (Timeout — the timeout parameter) (=5400 — 90 minutes in seconds)

    Diagnosis mechanism: (I’m a software developer of nearly 40 years, so that helps here.)

    • Open the print queue — from the Printer menu, bring up the error log — see nothing of value
    • Turn on debug logging — sudo cupsctl Loglevel=debug
      Attempt to print. Watch for errors…
    • Eventually, find message of the form Timeout after 300 seconds
    • Search web for that message. Find similar hints, find someone who looks at Timeout CUPS config
    • sudo cupsctl Timeout=5400
    • 😉 90 minutes should be long enough.
    • Retry print job. Success! 8)

    Admittedly, a bit involved. Having low-level system server development experience helps.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by Fred Carter.
    • This topic was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by Fred Carter.
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