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    Tomás Garza

    Printer failure and scenario

    The Epson 3800 in the print room failed and needed to be taken down. Fred Carter and I took it down and saved the ink cartridges and over flow ink cartridge. Later on Fred pulled out the new Epson 3880 that Dick had bought from a previous member and got it hooked up minus the ink cartridges.

    A week or so later Karen Friedmann came to the workshop wanting Dick to review a project she was working on. Inevitably, it came down to seeing her color work on paper. I was there and was asked to do the printing for them.

    I installed the cartridges from the 3800 and the printer rejected them, I had never seen that before. Karen and I scratched our heads and tried a couple of things to get it to work. We turned the printer off and on a couple of times and re-installed the cartridges. I installed the new cartridges but that didn’t work either.

    That night I sent Fred and Bill Graham a note asking for their input. Fred suggested unplugging the printer for ten or fifteen minutes and the plugging it back in. If that didn’t work he sent this link for a more serious reboot:

    Bill suggested using a pencil eraser or a microfiber cloth to clean the electric contacts on the cartridges.

    I unplugged the printer and while I waited I used both the eraser and the cloth to do the cleaning. Once I plugged it in it was back on line and ready to used. I’m not sure with remedy was the one or if all of them worked but it was a relief. We will be using the new 3880 for glossy paper work and the older 3880 on the right side for matte paper work.

    My initial email to Fred and Bill:
    Karen Friedmann came in to the workshop today and needed to do some printing. Her work was with color and glossy paper. I loaded up the new Epson 3880 with the ink cartridges from the old 3800. The display showed a warning that no cartridges were loaded and needed to be. I turned off the printer a couple of times to see if it would recognize the cartridges on start-up but no.

    I later removed the cartridges and installed the new ones that came with the printer and the same warning appeared on the display. Today was the first time we tried to do any printing with that machine. Do you have any suggestions on how to remedy this? Thanks! Tms

    From Fred:
    Semi hard reset — unplug, let sit for 3-5 minutes, plug in & start again.
    Harder reset — https://www.printerknowledge.com/threads/3880-carts-not-recognised-all-flashing-empty.7914/

    From Bill Graham:
    I occasionally get the same thing with my 3880. Using a microfiber cloth I clean all the cartridges’ electrical contacts. I make sure all cartridges are seated properly and then firmly close the lid. If with all cartridges in place the printer indicates that one cartridge is not seated clean its contacts and reinstall it. 

    Again from Bill Graham:
    Yup I’m healing quite well. I put the boot away and I’m walking in two shoes. By the way, I’ve also used a pencil eraser to clean the contacts in the 3880. Be sure the lid is firmly closed. 

    From me:
    Some or all of your suggestions worked! It’s online now. Ah community!

    From Dick:
    Group makes the “it”.


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