A common question new workshop members ask is: where do we buy mats and frames?

Here are some of the sources members have used in the past:

There are usually discounts for bulk orders, so members are encouraged to discuss ordering in groups.

Mat Matrix

Here is a matrix of mat sizes, which is helpful when deciding which sizes to order based on your print size: RDPW-Mat-Matrix

For example, to order double mats for 6×9 prints: by convention, we use a 0.5 inch reveal on all sides, so a 6×9 inch print will be under a 16×20 mat with a 7×10 inch center cut opening, under a 16×20 mat with an 8×11 inch center cut opening.  We order Crescent Select mats, in color White Wash (or White Glove).

Similarly for any other size — the center cut hole + 1 inch increment gets a 0.5 inch reveal on all sides.

Crescent Select can be ordered from mat providers such as redimat (under the Conservation tab on their website).