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The Center for Photographic Art (CfPA) conducts an annual juried international competition. In 2018, it fielded approximately 1,300 entrants, out of which its jury chose 90 images to hang in its exhibit hall in Carmel, California. From this esteemed and honored group were nine (9) members of the Richard Dischler Photo Workshop (RDPW) from Palo Alto, California. Their comments and images are highlighted below.

Now in its 10th year, the purpose of the RDPW is for photographers of all levels to discover and develop their “photographic voice” through customized group and individual interactions with founder Richard Dischler and other workshop members. This process leads a photographer to elevate his or her images to a level of excellence that demands—and deserves—a final output: The Print. The print is developed to the point that it explodes in expression, bold color, compelling black-and-white and is called to be matted, framed, and hung on a wall of honor where people can view and appreciate it, above and beyond the digital ether, where so many images get lost, forgotten, or disappear forever.

Comments from Members of RDPW:

I have always held The Center for Photographic Art in Carmel in high esteem because it’s associated with Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, among other photographers whom I admire. Naturally, when I received the email that my image was going to be exhibited at the 2018 International Juried Exhibition, I felt proud, honored, and excited. Within a minute, I texted Richard Dischler ( to share the news with him. Richard has taught me the value of classic photography and post processing in the classic black-and-white style.
Golnaz Abdoli

I was surprised and amazed when my picture was chosen among those to be on the “wall” of the CfPA 2018 Juried Exhibition.  It was all the more exciting to learn that pictures by eight other members of the Dischler Workshop had also been juried in.  At the opening reception, it was a scramble for all of us to get out into the courtyard and take some snapshots of our group. We got back into the packed gallery for the awards ceremony, just in time to hear that Golnaz’ picture had won Best of Show.
Jay Bergman

I saw the email come in from the Center for Photographic Arts, and my initial reaction was, and I’m quoting a text message here, “Well, color me shocked.” I was honored to be chosen in an exhibition with such an esteemed history. I was unable to attend the opening, but did visit later. To be shown at the Center’s gallery amongst many other excellent images leaves one both honored and humbled. It is a tribute to this workshop that we number approximately 10% of the show’s population. I am proud and honored to be counted as a member.
Fred Carter

A few year ago, I was invited to a CfPA reception with a friend whose photos hung in their exhibit hall. I had a good time with my friend and other artists on that day, and I wished I was one of them.  This past year, the enjoyment of the reception was enhanced because my photo was chosen for the online exhibit and featured in their catalog. I was delighted and felt appreciated. Additionally, the CfPA reception was a fun and exciting experience as I got the opportunity to meet other artists and see their work. At the same time, it reminded me how much I’ve learned and grown in photography. The experience further reminded me of my teachers, including Richard Dischler, and friends who have coached and encouraged me along with way, and I am still learning.
Kim Dang

Ultimately, while I photograph as a creative personal outlet, to express myself in visual language, I also find it necessary to submit my work for juried review, to have my work judged and see if my images are speaking clearly and saying what I intend them to say. I submitted a handful of my best images to the Center for Photographic Art (CfPA) 2018 International Juried Exhibition. The CfPA enjoys a long and storied history in West Coast photography, and I was honored and thrilled to have one of my images selected.
Elizabeth DeBruin

This particular event at the CfPA was extremely gratifying because the competition was international—a first for me. We were nine out of ninety individuals chosen out a total of thirteen hundred that were recognized as possessing exemplary talent. Our combined success was evidence of the guidance that we Workshop members receive from Richard Dischler. I was proud for him, and I am proud to be associated with so many talented and generous photographers.
Tomás Garza

I was surprised and honored to be included in the CfPA Juried Exhibit. I was able to get down to Carmel to view the art and was ecstatic to see my work included amongst such talented artists. I applaud the CfPA as an organization in their efforts to be inclusive and supportive of photographers of all skill levels. 
Dave Leder

SHOCKED- I was shocked!
DISBELIEF – I thought it must be a mistake.
NUMB/EXCITED- As I read the email again and again, I was a little numb, but this quickly gave way to excitement at having one of my pictures selected for such a prestigious exhibition.
HONORED – I am truly honored to be included among such talented photographers.
GRATEFUL- I am even more grateful to be part of the incredible Richard Dischler Photo Workshop and the opportunity to learn from Dick and the other workshop members.
Greg Lim

Having my print “Sunbathers” chosen to be in an international juried show was a real honor and, needless to say, personally satisfying. That the exhibit was sponsored by an organization that owes its roots to the likes of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston made it even more satisfying. And then to be exhibited along with other members of the Richard Dischler Photo Workshop completed the experience.
Dan McLean

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