The Richard Dischler Photo Workshop Scores Big at the 2019 San Mateo County Fair Fine Arts Galleria

Once again, the Workshop members received outstanding awards in this annual juried exhibit.

The Lois Kelley Exhibitor of the Year was awarded to David Craven. This prestigious Award is given to the top Visual Artist of the year. This is an outstanding achievement.

In fact, eight out of the last nine years, Workshop members received this award.

Best of Show Color Print also went to David Craven.  Again, congratulations, David!  While many have come to mistakenly believe that the Workshop focuses primarily on black-and-white images, this award demonstrates the Workshop focuses on the print.  

Best of Show Black and White went to Olya Gary.  Indeed, we do have a reputation for Workshop members developing compelling black-and-white prints that move the soul.  Congratulations Olya!

Workshop members swept the “Carry the Light” awards.  First Place went to Greg Lim; Second Place to Olya Gary; Third Place to Joel Rubin.  Awesome!

The Workshop raked in the ribbons as well, across all categories, including Cell Phone, Abstract, Color, and Black-and-White.  A total of 86 ribbons were awarded, of which 45 went to RDPW members.  We earned a total of 17 First Place Blue Ribbons, 14 Second Place Red Ribbons, 14 Third Place White Ribbons, and 33 Honorable Mentions Yellow Ribbons.

The members submitted 34% of the entries and received over 50% of the awards.

In this digital world, so many images end up in the ether, but the RDPW is committed to The Print—a standard of print production that excels in quality.  It is clear that the RDPW standard was on full display at the 2019 San Mateo County Fair Fine Arts Galleria, and that standard was appreciated and recognized for its excellence.  It creates a lasting impression.

It’s the Print.  Again the Print. The standard shows.

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