Instructors: Fred Carter, Olya Gary, Bill Graham

Date: 21 July 2019, 10am-1pm

Location: Da Digs

220 California Ave
Suite 115A/B
Palo Alto Ca 94306

Price: $130 for members, $170 non-members

Sign up: Via Acuity

So, you have Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.  You believe that you are reasonably familiar with it, but there are just some things that bother you.  Either you don’t know how to do something or things just aren’t operating the way you think they should. You don’t see others having your particular issues.

Well, this class is for you.  Most likely, you aren’t the only person who’s encountered these issues. (And if you are, you won’t be the last!). We have all been stymied by Lightroom and/or Adobe at times, so it’s time to figure out how to move past these issues.

Bring your issues, unexpected behavior, or other questions — places you think you could use some help.  Things that may be of interest include, but are certainly not limited to the following.

  • Organizing Images
  • Finding Images
  • Lightroom Mobile & Synchronization
  • Preview Issues
  • Performance Issues
  • Workflow
  • Printing Issues

This class will try and help to explain these behaviors, work around them, and/or work through approaches to resolve new situations.  For the best results from this class, please submit issues that you would like to explore when you sign up. You may submit via the #stumptheexperts channel on Slack, or via email to  Class size will be limited to 6-8, so please sign up early.

We may have some questions to get folks thinking, but we, collectively, are more likely to be successful if you bring in issues that you are having. And, as Lr users ourselves, we know that there are issues you’re having!  It’s the nature of the beast.